Friday, November 18, 2011

Winter Base Training - The Intro

Winter base training is one of the most crucial times to build fitness for your next racing or training season. It is here where you accumulate your efforts from the past season of racing or training. Or, it is here where you start running again and build you aerobic base fitness for the next year so you can tackle your training head on when the weather improves.

With that in mind, I thought a series of posts regarding this important period in your training is in order. Every few days over the next couple of weeks, my training posts are going to focus on winter base training.

Below is a list of topics to expect:

Part I - Winter Base 101
Part II - What to wear
Part III - Winter nutrition (or "How To NOT Be A Glutton For Two Straight Months)
Part IV - Strength training for injury prevention
Part V - Periodization and planning your training for next year

Keep checking back, as these posts are set to come out over the next several days. First post, Winter Base 101, set to roll out soon!

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