Sunday, January 1, 2012

Back for 2012!


After two weeks off, Run Roosh Run is back for 2012. With the original intention of taking only one week off for Christmas, the flu bug bit me hard (thank you nameless co-workers who didn't stay home!) and put me out of commission last week. So I haven't even run since last Tuesday. That being said, that run went phenomenal and I can't wait to get back on the roads and trails. In cased you missed my last post (Getting My Stride Back), I have big plans for 2012.

First, some bad news - the Top Ten is being killed off. I plan to change up that page and will continue to post interesting links there, and maybe it will make a comeback, but for now we'll give it a break. Also, the Winter Base Training series...yeah. Done. What was I thinking (not a question, a statement). Runner's World does a pretty good job of confusing everyone on how and why they should train, everything else is just white noise. I'll post my workouts and why I do them and hopefully there is something to be gleaned there. But preachy "articles" are out the window. Hated writing them anyways and it felt like work.

Shoe reviews will become a bigger part of RRR. I am a shoe junkie and the latest gear and the tech behind it is amazing. Every year new ideas come out, old shoes get re-laced, and with minimal racing shoes a fad, more great products are coming out all of the time. With two reviews in process right now to add to the current one (New Balance MT20 Review) and a half (a shoe preview counts as a half - Shoe Pre-Review - New Balance MT00) already available, the hope is build on this and add a few more over the course of the year. I am currently doing my tempo and speed workouts in the Brooks Green Silence and Puma Faas 250. Both are lightweight racing flats with very minimal heel-to-toe differential and are part of my move into lighter, faster footwear. To rehash from my last post, the plan currently stands at:

Click on each shoe for more information or to go to the manufacturers webpage
Brooks Green Silence
New Balance MT00 or Zero
Puma Faas 250
Skechers GoRun

Also, I plan to have an irregular but regular post about my transition from highly-cushioned trainers to lightweight racing flats and minimalist shoes. I plan to track my mileage in each type of shoe, how well the workouts go, and how much wear-and-tear my body takes. With my current mix of running shoes (about six different shoes, ranging from a high heel-stack trainer to a 4mm drop barefoot-style shoe), I can tell some obvious differences in speed and and how beat up my body feels, more on that to come.

To add to that, a post or series of posts that covers my begrudged respect to barefoot running. You will never see me run barefoot or in "toe-shoes", but the barefoot movement has some very good points and is addition to, not a distraction for, the running community.

And, lastly, my biggest goal for 2012 - win a race. This would not have even entered my mind if a friend hadn't convinced me to race a 5k with him last fall. I was thirty-six hours removed from a 20-mile long run, but thought, "Hey, my last week of high mileage, couldn't hurt." I ended up placing in the top 20 without pushing very hard, knowing I could easily have knocked about thirty seconds per mile off my splits with a little more specific training and preparation. I'll also race my first half-marathon (eight full marathons, never a half), attempt one or two triathlons, and build on a cross training regimen that is slowly improving. 2012 is gearing up to be a great year.

I'll leave it at that. Hope everyone had a great New Year's Eve Party! My wife and I partied hard playing Scrabble Slam and Sorry! Revenge card games. Dick Clark made me kind of sad, seeing him slur his way through the night after his stroke. That being said, I hope to look as good as he does at his age after a stroke! With Roosh Jr. on the way now, no more late nights partying and more family game nights! Fine with me, I'll gladly make that exchange.

Happy New Year and let's kick 2012's ass!!!!

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