Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The End of The World (Part II)

Alright, so my last post about the end of the world (2012 - End of Time (as we know it)) was all about running and life changes. Today, only about half of it is about running.. That may be an high estimate. We'll see. The remainder will be venting.

I am typically an optimist. OK, not all of the time, but at least half of the time. Primarily after a really strong cup of coffee. However, to fulfill my desire to go on a rant... (click "Read More" more)

1) Have you ever played "Words with Friends"? Don't. Your weekend will thank you, a.k.a. you might actually get something done. And you'll never catch yourself yelling upstairs to your pregnant wife, who is cleaning the bathroom and doing laundry at the same time, to take her turn. While you watch a basketball game. I'm not saying I did that or anything. But don't let it happen to you.
You'll play this in the same room as another person at some point without talking to them. I promise.
Nothing says "snowball fight" like gym shorts and a short sleeved shirt.
At least it's a football jersey, right.
2) Temperatures have hovered around 40 F in Eastern Iowa for about three weeks, with a one week break somewhere in there below freezing. Why in the hell are parents allowing their kids out of the house in shorts and t-shirts, least of all without winter coats, to walk to school or wait for the bus!? You do not get your "Parenting" merit badge.

3) Throw in one more line item for the idiotic adults doing the same thing who were the kids from ten and twenty years ago.

4) All of the cars who refuse to move over on the three-quarter mile stretch I have to run on with no shoulder: There are no cars coming. You can see for at least two miles up the road. Move over or I am taking a rear view mirror with me. Again.
That's right
5) To the  Morton's neuroma  in my right foot. Get out. We're not friends.

Tempo Tuesday went great. I read an old article from Running Times (Why Rhythm Runs Rule) and decided to incorporate it into my workout. I did a little math "tweaking" to the paces in it (30 seconds per mile slower for Chris Solinsky, AKA the second fastest distance runner not born on the African continent, is probably more like 1 minute per mile slower for me) and threw it into my workout. Not too shabby. I liked it. It was definitely work, and I did not finish as strong as I would have liked, but now is when I start working the harder workouts in, so that will fall into place eventually.

Chased it with some chocolate milk, grape juice, and a huge salad, not a bad Tuesday. Not an indulgent Fat Tuesday, but what do you do.

Yes, there will be a running shoe review this month. I am going to log about ten more miles in my Puma Faas 250's, both moderate tempo runs (faster than an easy run, nowhere near a hard run), and a review should be up in a week or so. So keep posted.

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