Sunday, March 25, 2012

Genesis - Establishing Healthy Eating Habits

Every weight loss plan has a beginning
There comes a point in every weight loss journey where you get up one day, look down, and that belly that you said "Sayonara" to so long ago looks back at you and says, "What's up fatty?" This January, that day came for me. My once proud weight loss of 80 lbs was backed down to about 70 lbs. Time to get back to work.

I hated being big. Fat. My belly jiggled when I brushed my teeth. Climbing a flight of stairs seemed like it should warrant a high five if I did it without taking a break. My favorite nephew, who at the time was just coming out of being toddler, even started getting frustrated with me because I would get too tired to play with him. Loving that kid as much as I do, and knowing that I someday wanted to have my own kids, I knew a change was necessary (read this to see how far I've come).
"Ha ha! They said to wait before I opened the can because it was shaken up but I didn't wait! Suckers!"
I've obviously come a long way. I got mad at myself on Saturday because I got tired during a 12 mile run. Perspective changes can be huge. I had been a fit dude for awhile - I was proud that I could run a marathon on any given day, with or without notice. I became a vegetarian and cut my weight way down. WAY down. I gave myself a little leeway after some success, and soon that leeway turned into complacency. And complacency laid with gluttony, and begat a slow, not-fat-but-getting-there runner who wanted his former glory back.

I am going to try and focus on getting back to that former glory in my next several posts. A few of the things I am currently working on and will post about periodically:

1) Getting back to vegetarianism (we'll see)
2) Cutting down 10 lbs (oh god please)
3) Calorie Counting (and my advice on how to stick with it)
4) Why there is no destination when it comes to weight loss

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  1. Good luck!
    If you need help, food ideas, etc on vegetarian, feel free to hit me up or check out my blog (I even have a tab for my recipes at the top). However, I've found more weight loss to come from cutting out processed foods than anything else I've done, if that helps.
    Can't wait to read the progress.

    1. Thanks for the support! Yes, processed food, the evil of modern Western society. My wife and I have done pretty well on that front, but could always use improvement. Plan on using your help!


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