Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lance Armstrong on Fueling and Weight Management

It is not unusual for an elite athlete to give generic advice on training and finding an "edge" in competition ("You have to work harder than the other guys..."), but it is unusual for an elite athlete, especially one with the pedigree Lance Armstrong has, to offer up advice that is honest, and quite frankly, humbling.

At about the 1:30 mark in the video, Lance gets honest about weight management, and begins delicately. From there, he makes some comments that are not only true, but could be a little controversial. He talks about skipping meals and "going to bed hungry", and although I agree with him, it is a little hard to hear. I get grumpy when I miss my morning snack, let alone skipping an entire meal!

It also begs the question about how to determine the proper way to fuel our workouts. If we are taking in food during our runs, rides, or whatever, and we have a "calorie ceiling", how does all of that factor into the equation? I like to drink a little milk after a workout, both running, riding, and in the weight room.

I'll be taking Lance's advice and doing some compensating in my basic meal planning. How about you?

This is from Nissan's "Master the SHIFT" video series.

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