Monday, October 1, 2012

Finally, another post

It has been an eventful last few months here! My last post preceded my wife and I having our first child, a little girl. We couldn't be happier, of course, and she is beautiful and happy. And loves to smile.

Running hasn't gone away, and I'm proud to report and few semi-victories over my list of goals. (one 4th place finish in a 5k, first triathlon in the books).

I'm also proud to report that the fire in my belly that fuels my running has come back stronger than ever. I began this blog after a lackluster marathon performance last year, hoping it would help spur me on to achieve bigger and better running goals. And it did that. But our new little person has helped the most.

For some reason (being fascetious) it became very important to me to set a good example for my daughter. Train hard, work hard, play hard. Don't sit around. Don't be a stereotypical American TV vegetable. My motivation to remain fit and eat healthier has never been stronger.

So I've cranked my training volume back up to a level I am happy with (6-8 hours per week or more if I can find the time). In my first triathlon this fall, my run leg was 21 mins on a 5k. Which I should have been happy with. And I wasn't mad with that time. But my heart ached for more. Which is a good sign.

The buddy that got me into triathlon has kept me motivated. While definitely not a rivalry, when he and talk about training, it is obvious we are measuring what the other guy is doing. He beat me in our first match up, but I almost caught him on the run leg. And he hasn't backed off, either. It is almost to a point where I am lamenting running a fall marathon, because he is maintaining a level of intensity that I want to match.

And I've been running less. Only three days a week. Always at least an hour at a strong pace, but with adding the cycling workouts and a few swims, I've been able to build an aerobic base without beating my legs up. Or overtraining.

Also, I've almost made the transition entirely to vegetarianism. And it has been great. My weight is what I consider normal, and I feel more fit and healthier. There is nothing wrong with eating meat, obviously, but I find I am more conscious of what I eat when I abstain from it. And it's been a successful program for me.

Trail running has become a regular part of my training. I alternate long run weekends, always with two weeks between them, and have been filling that extra weekend with trail running. I'd you don't currently trail run, I recommend it.

2012 wraps up for my training in a few weeks after the IMT Des Moines Marathon. Which is a great race if you have never done it.

My goal is to update more (which wouldn't take much), so keep checking back!

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