Friday, November 23, 2012

Winter Base - Gotta Start Somewhere

After the disaster that was the IMT Des Moines Marathon,  it was back to the drawing board for the rest of the year. Plotting out my racing for 2013, and planning a few triathlons in addition to my normal road racing, a little more resolve began to surface. But to get there, it's going to take a little winter base training. Here is how I plan to do it.

I've been able to avoid overtraining since the middle of the summer (when my daughter was born) mostly through triathlon training. Still suffering from a nasty case of plantar fasciitis at the time (which is much better but not completely gone), I had to find a way to get in some hours of training without beating my feet up further. Hitting the bike was a natural, and a great way to break up what can be a rough existence of training, working, and a colicky baby.

Now that my season is over, I am back to where I was about March or April of this year in terms of fitness. Which is a great start. I can easily crank up my pace a bit when I want to, do some solid tempo work, and log a nice, easy 6-8 miler without much trouble.

From here, it is just a matter of staying smart, getting in those 4 milers during the week, working them up a mile or two every few weeks, until January where I hope to be hitting 2-3 6 mile runs during the week.

The long run will stay on the 1X1X1 cycle I started during the fall. That is one week long, one week "off" (which is about 8-10 miles), and one week back "on". So my long run this weekend will be about 8, topping out at an ideal 12-14 by January.

Time in the saddle should run from 35 minutes (which all I have time for over my lunch hour if I want to shower) a few times during the week with an hour ride on the weekend. Once those weekly rides move to the morning before work (whcich should happen before Christmas) they should get up to 45 minutes. And the weekend ride will get somewhere in the 90 minute to two hour range. We'll see on that front.

Essentially, if I can start with the same aerobic base in the spring that I finished this year with (which should not be hard), well, I better not get ahead of myself. BUt hopefully a good winter of logging lots of solid quality, aerobic miles and hours will make a difference.

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