Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Rules of the Road - My Winter Base Training Rules

Sue's near sightedness was a constant distraction during board meetings

I'm proud to say that, since the beginning of November up till now, I have not missed or skipped a workout of any type. Not a world record by any stretch, but six straight weeks of perfect training logs provided a much needed positive boost during a challenging stretch at work and at home. And with my baby girl not sleeping through the night almost that entire six week stretch, I'm pretty proud of that.

Alas, last week, after arriving home at 8:30 from my nephew's Christmas program at school (he had a solo singing and did a GREAT job), I didn't have time to get in my core workout for the night. The typical routine is to mix 5 minute bursts of intense core work with a short circuit workout (roughly 3-4 minutes). One minute rest, repeat four times. About 45 minutes later, lay down on the mat for a few minutes wondering why the hell I do this to myself. Repeat 2-3 times per week, every Tuesday and Thursday with an optional weekend workout.

When I finally crawled into bed after getting ready for the next day, the thought occured to me: set some rules when it is OK to skip a workout, and commit to the habits that will help me hit all of my workouts. Here are my first thoughts.

1) It is OK to skip/miss a workout for work obligations - unless that obligation was known well in advance and could have reasonably been planned around

2) It is OK to miss a workout for the sake of going to bed earlier (sleeping in later is too much of a cop out)

3) It is not OK to skip a workout because I don't feel like it or I feel tired.

4) It is not OK to skip a workout because I forgot my iPhone arm strap (almost guilty a few times!)

5) It is OK to cut myself some slack if I miss a workout because work got busy, there were things to get done at home, or there is some scheduled "family time" that I don't want to miss

6) Just getting in a workout of any type is better than getting in no workout at all

7) Whenever the workout schedule gets out of whack, at least keep the nutrition schedule in line

I eventually ended up sick Sunday and Monday this week, so I took two full days off. And my diet was not the greatest. But alas, each new day is another chance to get it right, so today I'll do better. There isn't a better way to do it that I know of.

As I come up with more rules I'll post them in brief posts, and if there are any that YOU have, please leave them in the comments section!

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