My Foot and How to Read My Shoe Reviews

Read any running shoe review, and you are bound to see numerous bone-head comments from the reviewer that only help runners with the foot shape as the reviewer. Some examples:

"The shoe was too narrow in the toebox, which is a fatal flaw"

"The midfoot was so narrow that I simply could not wear them."

I've purchased shoes that I've seem some reviewers gripe about (like the narrow shape of Minimus shoes from New Balance) and had awesome experiences. I've also purchased shoes and had my own gripes about some features (like the unfortunate arch in the New Balane MR00) that were not a problem for others .

I am guilty of all of the above in all above my review in 2011-early 2012. No more. From now on, be armed with the following knowledge of my foot so you can apply it to your own. Take this into consideration when reading one of my very scientific running shoe reviews.

General shape

I have larger feet. I was a size 13 most of my life, but must have shrunk. I float between a 12-12.5 (wearing 13's in my New Balance MT20's and Merrell Road Glove). When I ran competitively in track and cross country, I loved Nike as it seemed their shoes ran according to the shape of my foot.

Narrow heel through midfoot
Wide forefoot

I do NOT like my toes being pinched, and have really liked the shift in shoes towards more ergonomical deisgn versus the "pointed foot" design of traditional running shoes.

How to Read My Shoe Reviews

1) I am not a scientist (a la Pete Larson)
2) I love running shoes so little flaws drive me nuts
3) I run in about 4-5 different shoes (and often brands) per year

When reading the "Likes" section, compare my experience to your own with your current shoe.

When reading the "Dislikes" keep in mind what you use your own shoes for and if my issues would actually impact your experience with the shoe.

Don't buy or not buy a shoe because of my review. The whole point is to provide very basic information so you can make an objective decision on making a change.

I'VE NEVER BOUGHT OR NOT BOUGHT A SHOE BECAUSE OF A REVIEW. People who review running shoes often have a serious problem with shoes (like Pete Larson and I) or are paid to do it. We do our best to provide you information in your search for the perfect shoe, but our expereiences are skewed by our own prejudices and foot shapes.

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  1. I find it interesting that you find nike's had a wide forefoot. If anything, nike's are typically some of the most narrow shoes in the forefoot that I've ever tried. Which is probably why you thought you were a size 13. Your foot didn't shrink, you just bought larger sizes to accomodate the width. You probably measure around a 12, and now wear shoes that fit your foot better so you size more closely to your actually size.


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